Relations of Tajikistan with Malaysia

01.03.2013 10:10

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and Malaysia were established on March 11, 1992. Republic of Tajikistan and Malaysia have great potential to develop bilateral relations and are willing to make constructive efforts towards progress. Mr. Dato Sri Lim Kok Wing was appointed as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Tajikistan in Malaysia (at June, 2012)
Legal Framework: Republic of Tajikistan and Malaysia signed a number of bilateral agreements, including the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of Malaysia on economic, scientific and technical cooperation.
Trade and Economic: Tajikistan Trade Representative operates in Kuala Lumpur which contributes to the development of trade and economic cooperation. In the framework of Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP), Tajikistan specialists are invited to improve their professional qualifications in various areas through conduct of training courses.
Education: educational exhibitions are held in Dushanbe and other regions of the country. These events are organized every year in order to attract students and strengthen cooperation in the field of education with the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Education and "Exhibitions Promotion and Management Sdn. Bhd" (EXPAM).
At the moment, a number of Tajikistan citizen study and undergo training at Malaysian universities and educational institutions.